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Proof of Stake Pools

NoteURLLive Immature Voted  Missed Pool FeesUsersLast Updated
https://dcr.stakeminer.com5341 13.0%2662594820.18%1%496212 minutes ago
https://stakepool.dcrstats.com571 1.39%241522130.10%5%60572 minutes ago
https://dcr.ubiqsmart.com1432 3.50%48599670.19%0.95%12952 minutes ago
https://stake.decredbrasil.com522 1.27%32515950.10%5%16462 minutes ago
https://stakey.net2251 5.51%106510500.08%1%8522 minutes ago
https://ultrapool.eu734 1.79%50410910.28%1%13442 minutes ago
https://pool.d3c.red141 0.34%11296690.39%5%10472 minutes ago
https://dcr.farm747 1.83%9268140.18%1%8142 minutes ago
https://dcrpos.megapool.info46 0.11%3192310.25%1%772 minutes ago
https://decred.raqamiya.net350 0.85%11178640.27%1%2712 minutes ago
https://dcrstake.coinmine.pl1511 3.70%68168970.11%0.5%4022 minutes ago
https://stakepool.eu346 0.84%5121840.71%5%10042 minutes ago
https://stakey.com183 0.44%636867.03%0.4%2262 minutes ago
https://decred.staked.us40 0.09%033000.33%5%2802 minutes ago
https://decredvoting.com345 0.84%1231730.28%1%5042 minutes ago
https://dcrpool.ibitlin.com168 0.41%528640.45%1%2072 minutes ago
https://99split.com602 1.47%1919320%0.99%2352 minutes ago
https://dcrpool.dittrex.com71 0.17%06222.35%1%2052 minutes ago
https://decred.everstake.one34 0.08%12200.45%1%1312 minutes ago
https://decred.yieldwallet.io10 0.02%1561.75%2%272 minutes ago
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